I think I can, I think I can ...

Applied for a job a few weeks ago and got asked to come for an interview.  The first job I applied for.  So after all my 'I've been a stay-at-home mum for so long I must be a bozo' comments, I guess it may not be all true!  Had the interview late last week and got offered it on Monday.  Am in a bit of shock.  It is a two day a week job as a children's librarian working with 5-12 year old kids.

I feel like my whole life is about to get turned upside down and we will all have to readjust.  I'm trying to play it cool because, hey, don't all these other mums do this?  But in reality my head is spinning trying to process it all - childcare, transport - let alone actually doing the job itself.

But it feels like the right time.  After almost 13 years at home and three years of study I'm ready for the new challenge.

However, I do feel a little that I'm deserting my children.  I'm sure that's not rational at all, since most of them are already at school and they will be well cared for when I'm not at home.  But after being with them and being available for so long it is a major shift in my thinking.  I don't know how mums do it after 12 months maternity leave.  Maybe the length of time makes it feel really strange to be doing something different.

So I just need to churn out about 5000 words for uni in the next three weeks and start a new job and ... arrgh ... what am I doing?!!!

Stay tuned for further instalments of 'My life Goes Crazy' - a new show by Jenny in 2011.


Jo said…
Well done Jenny! I think the craziness will be worth it. It sounds like a dream job, in the field you love and part-time.
And you get to take home the brand new books to read before anyone else! (I was a children's library assistant at Willoughby Library in my pre-kids life.) Can you say which library it is?
Sarah said…
Congrats Jenny! I will pray as you and your family adjust to the change.
Jenny said…
Thanks all - the job is at Kogarah library. Feel free to visit in about 6 months when I know what I'm doing!
Karen said…
That's great. Congratulations! I think that sounds like my dream job...whenever I've wanted to escape occupational therapy, being a librarian has always been my alternative career choice. Hope it all goes well.
Anonymous said…
Jenny, I don't know if this makes sense, but I think when you work in a field that supports children you still are working for your own family in a larger sense. Afterall, you do the work that you would want someone to do for your kids (even if they aren't at that library specifically). It's contributing to the healthy raising of children. Some of that you do at home, some of that you will soon do out of home as well. Hooray for you!
Melissa said…
Congratulations! Hope all works out well for you, job-wise and family-wise.

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