Mythbusting about our family

I like to think that I don't really have that large a family (there are always those who have more kids - my sister has six, Rowan's work colleague has six) but after many, many comments over the past few years I'm starting to accept the perception.

So here are some comments that people often make about me or our family, that aren't true in our case.

1.  "You must be catholic" (plain old protestant, sorry)

2.  "You must be patient" (umm, no, not at all)

3.  "Your kids must get on so well" (OK, so do the maths - more kids = more opportunities for fighting)

4.  "So you'll be homeschooling then?" (see earlier post)

5.  "Since you have so many of your own kids, you must be great at teaching Sunday School" (the thought terrifies me)

6.  "You must be very organised" (I sooo wish)

7.  "Surely your kids must help you a lot - that must make it easier with the housework" (LOL...)  

8.  "You must be super capable" (sadly, just an ordinary person like everyone else)

9.  "You must have a big house" (Big enough - boys' bedroom/girls' bedroom/parent's bedroom)

10. "You must have sooo much energy" (no - I just get really tired at 10am, 4pm and 7.30pm - chocolate/earl grey tea are my friends!)


bethscomputer said…
Well said Jenny! I so agree! Although pepsi max and chocolate are my friends and the daytime nap!
Karen said…
I get asked the same questions! And tea and chocolate are my friends too!!
Ruth said…
Lol - I get the first one all the time!!
Aileen said…
All I can say is Well done Jenny - you are doing a great job
Richard said…
Glad you cleared up some of my misconceptions Jenny ;) I agree with Aileen, you must be, you are still sane :)

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