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A comment on my working post.

Anonymous said,

Please consider putting some of your new extra income to something like supporting mission or ministry and don't blow it on a self indulgent overseas holiday.

Well, I have to say Anonymous that after I use any extra income (somewhat limited due to the low pay of librarians plus reduced government family benefits, cost of childcare, travel etc) to support my missionary friends, pay bills and feed my kids, I'll most definitely be adding 'self-indulgent overseas holiday' next on my To Do List. Here's to dreaming.

What I have learnt through going back to work is that unless I go full-time or get a seriously well paid job, it isn't going to make a huge difference to our financial situation.  In lots of ways I'm working now because I wanted to gain work experience which is related to my degree and I was ready to try working outside the home.  Working isn't always just about the money.  It's more complicated than that.

This is a bit of an experiment for our family.  I have a 12 month contract.  We'll reassess after the year is up and see how we've all coped with it.


Sarah said…
With comments like that, it would be better if they put their name.
Sandra said…
I thought you'd be saving for the next Librarians conference in Acapulco.
Sandra said…
Seriously, as Christians we do need to be wise stewards of the money God has given us, and maybe that is what our anonymous brother/sister is trying to say.
We have made decisions (such as deciding to send our children to a Christian School) which, in a similar situation other Christian friends have made very different decisions. Does that mean we are right and they are wrong? Or vice versa? Do we buy a new car, do we buy a second hand car? Should we own a home or should we be renting? Should we take that holiday in the beach house or should we camp?
All are big questions about how we use the money God has given us.
It really isn't that straightforward.
Gina said…
Ahhh, self-righteousness and judgement is alive and well among us, how great to see - thank you Anonymous!

And Jenny, keep going with your honest posts, minus the shining halo. I value them immensely.
Beck said…
oh hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! I'm pretty sure anonymous will remain so! Hey... have not commented for aaaages because I'm totally in awe of how you've moved into this whole new stage. I will just keep watching and taking notes. And please... do try and save a bit for the big blue rinse retirement Contiki tour in 25yrs my friend. It will take that long I'm sure.
Jo said…
Wow!! Anonymous??? Is it only Christians who feel the urge to tell others how to live?
I think a holiday would be well deserved.
Deb L said…
Jenny, a self indulgent holiday is out then? I guess you'll have to give up your plans to buy the private helicopter and the Swiss chalet too. Never mind. What to do with the truckloads of cash being created by your part time work?

Wait, I know! You could give the extra money to someone who's in Christian ministry with a large family to support. Hang on a minute....that would be you!!! Problem solved.

But seriously, Anonymous, what were you thinking?! I didn't know whether to laugh or get boiling mad at you. And this isn't the first time I've noticed you saying something a bit off target. All over the internet you seem to have your name attached to rather dopey statements. Get a grip, Anonymous, or your name will be mud.
Anonymous said…
I'm late to post on this topic, working my way backwards through your posts as I haven't checked in for a while. There have been a few references in your posts and in other's comments about an overseas holiday and I was intrigued and sooo excited for you! and now its all just a ruse :-).

This post and the comments have made me laugh out loud. There are so many people that value and respect your openess, thoughts and ideas. I am one of them. I hope anon does not get you down.
Jenny said…
Hi Emily - anon did not get me down - just amused me because it is so far from the reality of my life. I was more intrigued by the comment. I'd love to take the kids to India to visit where I grew up so maybe - you never know!

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