Lots of reading at the breakfast table

Well, it's school holidays, so the whole 'no reading at the breakfast table' thing goes right out the window.  For some of my older kids, hanging around in pj's, eating breakfast and reading for hours is just about the perfect start to a new day.

Interestingly the 6yo who can only read a few words, informed me this morning that he had 'read' 10 books before he got out of bed this morning (good, good, I think, as I gleefully rub my hands together, it's all going according to plan...).  He shared a room with his sisters for a few days when my mum stayed with us this week, so he probably copied what the girls do in the mornings.

Plus I had the almost 4yo in floods of tears yesterday morning, because she couldn't work out how to keep her book open with one hand while she ate breakfast with the other.  She was perched on a bean bag next to her 10yo sister who was managing to do it.  This morning she literally had a pile of fairy books (you know, the painful Daisy Meadows books) and Malory Towers books next to her at the breakfast table.  She flipped through one and then announced "I've finished that one already Mum".  (more, good, good, it's all going according to plan...thoughts).

Oh, it's all excitement ++ in our house in the holidays!  (quiet though)

PS  Most popular books these holidays - the 'Malory Towers' series by Enid Blyton that I got cheaply from the Book Depository.  Abbie's favourite is the one with the pink cover.


Pip said…
Love all that reading!!!!
I think of you every morning when I tell Miss R to close the book and eat her breakfast! (She devoured the enid blyton we borrowed from you in about 4 days- thanks)

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