Another show about families that I'm enjoying at the moment is the show 'Parenthood'.  It tells the story of the Braverman family.  Four siblings who are all adults with their own marriages and families.  The families are struggling with issues related to children with autism, teenagers, gifted children, career mothers, single mothers - the list goes on.  It's a nicely made show - as in - pleasant to watch.  The characters are interesting, even though the siblings seem to be unable to make any decisions without checking with each other first.

Rowan finds the story lines about the parents managing their teenagers stressful to watch especially since we're on the cusp of that stage of life.  I like to be forewarned - information is power and all that!


Motherhugger said…
I've been catching this show intermittently. Yeah, like the Walkers in Brothers and Sisters this family spend so much more time together than any adult siblings I've ever met.

When they're all together I find myself distracted by working out if they do actually look like they could be in one family, or not.

I'm enjoying it too (not that I need another show to follow...)

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