The power of a meal together

I've realised more than ever this week the value of dinner time at the table.  I get home from work quite late on the days I work.  But the kids also have music lessons/band until quite late so Rowan's usually just serving up dinner when I get home.  We always sit and have dinner together - I've never thought about it all that much.

Abbie gets organised for her own dinner party
But now with starting work, it's suddenly become such a precious time for me. By having dinner together I get to hear a little bit about all the kid's days.  They share something funny that happened at school.  What their piano teacher told them at their music lesson.  What they thought when they saw Abbie and her preschool come for a school visit on Thursday.  I get a summary of the highs and lows of the day.

When I'm at home with them all day, I get to experience all these different things walking home from school, eating afternoon tea with them, driving them to piano lessons.  I get all the information slowly as the hours tick by.

But in that precious hour before they go to bed, I get to hear from all of them when we eat together.  If we didn't all sit together I don't think I'd hear as much.  They'd be doing homework or playing or having a bath - they'd be distracted by the job they needed to complete.

Funny how the things you do all the time can suddenly look really different when circumstances change.


Richard said…
Hi Jenny , I really enjoy reading your posts because they are so thoughtful and share insights into family life

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