Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shopping Day

In August I talked about a great day out with my little girl.  I vaguely remember that day, but it was all a tad different today.

I went into Spotlight three times to just buy a couple of items for a quilt I'm sewing.  Three times?  First time I go in and I almost make to the fabric section when the cry of "I need to go to the toilet - I'm BUSTING" goes up.  OK - so we wander around for a while and find the toilet.

I try to go back a second time but then the cry (repeatedly) of "But I'm HUNGRY - really hungry Mum", so we get something to eat.

Third time - I actually make it to the material, find what I want but then a very loud cry of "I need to go the toilet Mum" goes up.  To which I reply "But didn't you just go?".  "Mum, this is a POO (top of voice) - it's different this time".

Lovely.  My glamourous life continues on.

Oh, and I did finally get the material, but now I'm not so sure about the colour in natural light ...

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Stephen and Rebecca said...

Jenny, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Can sympathise.... it's not much fun when you're in the supermarket with an overflowing trolley either. I am just super impressed that you are sewing a quilt!! Will love to see it when you've finished
As they say here, ánimo! be encouraged, sister!
love, Rebecca