Domestic Legend

So am feeling like a total legend because today I actually put OUT the washing, brought IN the washing, FOLDED the washing and by some amazing super power that is not normal for me, PUT IT AWAY.

Now, this may not be shocking to you.  In fact, this may be quite a normal process for you, but I just cannot get that last step done.

So I'm momentarily enjoying the washing free playroom and the empty washing basket. Very satisfying.

Now if I could only do it all again tomorrow, I'd be on a definite roll!


Simone R. said…
The problem with the whole washing process is that there are so many potential points of failure. My favourites:
1. putting the washing in the machine then forgetting about it and finding it all yucky and smelly three days later,
2. putting the washing on the line and leaving it there through the entire storm season,
3. pulling the washing off the line and even folding it into the basket but forgetting to bring the basket inside, then having the basket of folded clothes rained on
4. using the dryer but not turning the dryer on for long enough and having the semi-wet clothes go mouldy in the dryer (after 2 days)
5. having the washing all clean and folded neatly in the basket but not getting around to putting it away so the kids search through the basket looking for a sock and muck it all up.

But well done on completing the whole process. May this be the beginning of something wonderful.
Karen said…
Hi Jenny, I don't know you in real life but every time I read your posts in here I think you must be my cyber-twin!? (I even dream of becoming a librarian..). All other steps in the process go well, but putting away is the killer for me too. And on the rare occasions I do get it all away, it is so satisfying to see the empty washing basket, but for some reason I can never manage it for two days in a row...I think part of my issue, especially with putting away children's clothing, is that it often uncovers a whole new mess of unfolded clothes that have been shoved back in there by their owners. Then I have to tidy all that up...
Deb L said…
You have to put the clothes away?! Why didn't I get a memo about this?

Actually, I make the kids put their clothes away (except the 2-year old who "helps"). Yes, they do get horribly stuffed in the drawers and mangled. I just don't look. Their drawers, their clothes, their problem.

But I do have several days each week in which my front room couch is decorated by piles of unfolded, dry, clean but neglected washing. You should be awarded at least an extra Tim Tam for doing it all in one day.
Jenny said…
Ahh - you ladies make me laugh (and are very reassuring!)

@Deb L - our kids drawers are a shocker - let's not even go there. My main goal is that the kids can find clothes, and fast. Sorting through the clothes in their own drawers rather than through everyone's in the washing pile, is significantly more efficient!

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