Ladies' No 1 Detective Agency

Just finished reading the latest in this series, called "The Double Comfort Safari Club" by Alexander McCall Smith.  Really like these books. Easy reading.  Nice characters.  Funny.  And if you haven't read them, lots in the series now (up to eleven I think).


Sarah said…
These books are hilarious! I've listened to the talking book versions while spending hours on the road.
Richard said…
They are really cool I read most of them when I was in Tanzania. I'm a bit surprised to see another one because in the last one all the loose ends were tied up.
Deb L said…
I'm so glad you mentioned this! I was under the impression that no. 10 was the very last one. So I hadn't even been keeping an eye out. Very excited to be in our library's reserve que now.
Sandra said…
did you get it from Kogarah Library? can I reserve it?

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