Real Moms

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Yesterday I picked up a book from the playgroup library called 'Real Moms:  Exploding the myths of motherhood'.  The book looked sensible enough as I flipped through it.

But then I turned the book over and had a look at the pictures of the authors.  Not so real now ladies.  Both author photos were glamour shots and looked more on the Angelina end of the spectrum (photo 1) than the end of the spectrum (photo 2) that I (and most mothers) live on.

Plus their blurbs share that they are directors/presidents/freelance writers/radio presenters etc, etc.  No mention of any actual 'real' offspring anywhere in their spiel.

All very strange.


Sandra said…
One of their other books is titled 'five star families - moving yours from good to great'

I feel depressed already. Or do I need to overcome the cultural cringe reaction I have whenever I hear about/read American Christian parenting books.

The authors do have children, but the bios seem to predominantly talk about them being 'proud grandparents' (is the subheading to this that they can enjoy and give them back?)

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