This time of the year does not agree with me

Kids with their 2009 Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes
I quite like to have some level of busyness - but I like it when I have some control over how busy I am.

As each year passes I'm just finding Christmas more and more stressful.  And I was at this same point last year.  I currently have the small knot of what I call the 'December Panic' just sitting in the bottom of my stomach which will remain until about Christmas Eve.  Until then I have to juggle shopping (endless, endless shopping - I don't find shopping energising) with all the end of year events - school, church, preschool, work ...  Also in the next fortnight a high school orientation, a music exam, a piano concert (4 children playing), husband's birthday, daughter's 4th birthday party, Year 6 party to set up for, preschool concert ... there's probably more but my brain is starting to shut down! O and husband is going away for work too.

And, (now you'll know that I'm truly crazy) I have an essay due for uni on the 13th December.

So, I was very thankful to Wendy over at her Musings blog for having a competition to try out some products for advent that didn't involve me having to make something (the thought literally makes me want to weep).  And, yay, I won one of the prizes!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful to see those shoe boxes.

I'll look out for that gift wrapping next month when I visit PNG for the shoe box distribution.
Aileen said…
you forgot the wedding anniversary in that list..
Jenny said…
O yes Aileen - whoops!
Pip said…
We have celebrated the December birthday in this house with a party a month early for the past two years. Saves clashes with end of year concerts etc and takes a bit of the stress out of Dec. Child doesn't mind as it spreads the birthday cheer out a bit more.

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