Almost doing it all

I know that I have officially reached my brain's full capacity.  I need to upgrade and get some more memory from the brain shop because I can't fit anymore in.

I know this, because I've stopped reading whole emails, or an entire birthday party invite.  Here are some examples.

I read the email that's about having dinner with friends.  Well, I get the bits of information that seem important to me.  Time, date, place - yeap - OK I think - all in my brain - that'll do.  However, the other details like 'park out the back, there won't be parking on the street' and 'bring swimmers for the kids, we might go for a swim' - did not at any stage entire my brain.  Totally embarrassing of course and when I went home and reread the email, sure enough, there was all this information. Sitting there. Right in an email in front of me.

Same thing happens with a kid's birthday party. Yes, I think, we can fit that in.  Friday morning - OK we're free.  This time I didn't even register the time, but knew it was in the morning.  Also did not get far enough down the invitation to read 'there will be water games, bring swimmers' - which, of course, once again, was there in plain writing when I got home.

So, when people ask me, 'O Jenny, how do you do it all?' (hoping that I will now preach all my pearls of wisdom, Sermon on the Mount style, giving all the answers to coping with life), I can honestly say, I don't do it ALL.  I almost do it all.  I will come to the women's supper, but without a 'plate to share' because I didn't quite get through the entire email.  I will go to the bride's shower tea, but without bringing 'your all time favourite recipe written out in your best writing to put in the bride's recipe book' because once again, did not quite read the fine print.  I'll go to the 40th party, but turn up with a present because I failed to notice 'PLEASE, no gifts, I want us to give our money to the poor' ...

All I can say, oh dear, I just used to be so organised and together.


Richard said…
Nah Just, move invitations out of the skim category and into the read for specific info category :)
Louisa said…
just love this post & many of the others I've just read. I completely relate to this! Ages ago a friend of yours in real life (i think) sent me your blog and I've just rediscovered it & added it to my reader. love it! Merry Christmas :)
Julie-anne said…
Unfortunately I am ALWAYS like this!! So now I carry the invitation with me!! So that when we get in the car I can double check WHERE we're going and what I should have brought. Then we jump out of the car and get the things we forgot!!!!

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