School to holiday transition period

So hands up the parents who are suffering through the school to holiday transition period?  You know the symptoms.  Hours of grumpiness, fighting with siblings ('she's looking at me', 'he's not sharing', 'she won't play with me' and much, much more), cries of 'I'm bored, I've got nothing to do' (Mother: "You should play outside", Child: "No, it's too sunny/rainy/hot/cold, why can't go on the computer/Wii/TV/DS __________? (insert favoured electronic item here)").

This is the point at which you start to freak out and wonder how on earth you are going to survive the next six weeks.  Christmas at least breaks it up - there's the promise of new toys to distract for a few hours and hopefully some relatives to entertain the kids.  But past that, well, that's just a scary void.

Let me reassure you that it does get better.  Which is why I call it a transition.  The kids need to readjust to being with you and their siblings all day.  They also have to detox after the endless parties and picnic days and sausage sizzles to celebrate the end of year school stuff.

And then after six weeks you have to remember how to get everyone fed and watered to get out the door to school!


Jenny Ax said…
Being a school teacher I'm having my own "transition time"!!! I did lots of gardening today!
Karen said…
We are definitely suffering the school to holiday transition period at the moment. And my experience backs up what you're saying. They quickly adjust and then the holidays become quite pleasant. Can't wait for that!

@Jenny A - Enjoy your holidays. You deserve them.
Kylie said…
I totally agree with you Jenny - I find my kids at the beginning of the holidays want everything planned out for them and they always ask "What are we doing next?". It takes some time to chill out.

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