A tale of hair gel

The tired looking Mum shows off her handiwork with the hair gel for her son's Year 6 party. 

He had such a lovely time - it's nice when they're still young enough to be appreciative of a nicely decorated school hall and a proper DJ.  The girls wore lovely party dresses (oh, except for the girl who got confused and thought she was at her Year 10 formal and wore a dress that left little to the imagination ... story for another day) and lots of the boys wore black.  

All very sweet and a few emotional parents by the end of the night - especially for those who have their youngest child in Year 6.  I, on the other hand, am just getting warmed up.


Deb L said…
I was a Year 6 teacher for the first 4 years of my teaching life. Always amused me that around Term 3, all the boys would suddenly discover hair gel. Your lad looks particularly spiffy. Well done to all.

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