This makes me happy

While hanging out my washing this morning - I just felt at peace.  I love my hills hoist, I love the sun, I love the wind, I love the eucalypts and I love a temperature about 25C.  Incredible Sydney day.


Karen said…
I love days like that too. You know the washing is definitely going to get dry and you don't have to go through that angst over what to do with it if the forecast is for rain later on....
We are having a day like that here after a long run of rainy days. Excellent.
Deb L said…
I'm in Melbourne. Can I please send my washing on up?
Kath said…
Backyard bliss. It's a great blessing from God who loves us. Love that feeling, too.
susan said…
Great photos - so lovely. We went bike riding that Tuesday...a great day to be outdoors.

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