Had a great week at the conference.  But it rained, and rained and rained.   Our weather was part of the weather system that extended all the way down the eastern side of Australia from Queensland.

For the conference we park on a large oval and then walk up to the convention site.  The large oval soon became a Somme-like pile of mud and water which we had to traipse through to get from our car.  Every morning it just got worse and yet the conference was packed out.  2500 adults and 1200 children, lots of people movers (we seriously have problems finding our white Tarago in the car park).  I kept thinking that we were all mad.

But we did it.  Why?  Because we could sing together, hear great testimonies from people serving God around the world, listen to talks from the Bible and be encouraged in our conversations with one another.

So did I feel guilty?  No.  But what was the country of choice for me this year?  China - I thought, China - that sounds exciting, we could do that.  Btw - every year I'm grabbed by a different country.  I should keep track - I'll cover the world soon.

Or I could just be content to stay in Sydney and let the world come to me!


Beck said…
Well China is a good choice Jenny! But as you know, in student Ministry its not imperative that you go there... we had two new students from china at church yesterday... both very keen to learn more about Jesus... Praise God!
Glad you had fun at conference... makes me nostalgic for previous muddy weeks up there.(though probably they were in the childless days when the mud really was FUN!)

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