We're outta here!

Yay - you won't hear from me until next week because we're having three nights away with no kids.  Can't get my head around it so it doesn't feel real yet.  Haven't done anything like this for about five or six years so this is a big treat.  Due to the kindness of my mother and the in-laws (it does take an army to look after our tribe).

Rowan is a legend because he has organised the whole thing.  If I had to organise it, well, it just wouldn't happen because I can't get my head around organising another thing - especially something that isn't urgent or pressing.

I'll let you know how it goes.  Now to pack.


Sandra said…
at the moment I'd just go for 3 nights without one of us being at work.

Seriously - have a great time.
wide eyed said…
Hi Jenny - nothing to do with this post - but wanted to ask a question. My school friend lives in China and wants to know what are the classic Australian children's literature she should be feeding her child (now 8) so she does not become completely Americanised at the international school there. I thought of you - and thought you may have a few good ideas. Thanks - Catriona from Brisbane
Karen said…
Have a great time....sounds fantastic!

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