been a bit quiet ... in blogland but not real life

Apologies for my silence, but it has been a crazy week.  Do you  want to know why? Well, possibly not, but hey, it's my blog after all!

Sunday - church (on creche), couple from Rowan's work for lunch, Bible study, Aidan to a new youth group (liked it - yay!)

Monday - gym at 6am, No 3 child to choir at 8am, school drop-off, playgroup, shopping, lunch, school pick-up, homework, dinner, husband out until late.

Tuesday - gym at 6am, school drop-off, hang out washing, scripture, lunch, cooked food for nights I'm at work, school pick-up, pick-up child from sports training at 4pm, take her to kid's club at church, pick her up at 5pm, go to open night at local high school, followed by band info night at primary school, dinner about 8.30pm

Wednesday - wake up at 6.30am to wake up No 2 child so she can be at school for 7.30am band, everyone else to school by 8.30am, off to work, got upset at work (oh dear - first time in 5 months), back home at 7.08 pm (other things happened without me at home, but not my craziness to worry about for a day!), dinner, preschool AGM at 7.30pm (I presented a report, and resigned from my position), back home at 9pm, watched Modern Family with husband (don't tell the kids - broke our own TV ban) and ate the chocolates was given at the AGM (nice chocs).

Thursday - up at 6.30am to get everyone dressed, fed and lunched so we could be at school for 7.45am French horn lesson (this is going to be nasty come winter), started work late so had a coffee at school (very luxurious), then went home and did a few jobs, got to work at 1pm, worked until 9pm (major event at work that I organised and MCed - thus previous day's embarrassing tears), home at 9.30pm - watched Glee with husband (makes us feel like we've done something vaguely fun together in the midst of the madness) - more breaking of our own rule ...

Friday - up at 6am for gym, drive first-born child to a friend's house at 7.45am so they can catch a bus into the city together for the school speech day, school drop-off, back home to start my uni work, hang out washing, go shopping for dinner, phone call to work to sort out some stuff from the night before, prepare dinner, have a sleep, school pick-up, cook dinner, fold washing mountain, tidy house, all go to school for 4.45pm clarinet lesson, take No 2 child to youth group, have people from Rowan's work for dinner, pick up child from youth group, talk to couple.

Saturday - sleep ... outing to pool ... sleep ... washing ... eat ... sleep

Thoughts on busyness to follow (no surprise hey?!)


Richard said…
Wow, I am in awe that you are still able blog intelligently after a week like that, but I'd guess that most weeks are similar are they ?
Karen said…
I agree with Richard.
I thought my life was busy but I've got nothing happening compared to that...
We have acquired a trumpet in our house this week. So far the sounds are not particularly musical.
Looking forward to hearing the thoughts on busyness....if you have time??
Jenny said…
French horn - not me - no 3 child!
Motherhugger said…
I hadn't thought about those early starts in winter, but yes, thanks for that. 7.20 Monday morning will lose its shine pretty quickly, I reckon. And hey, any week you leave a committee is a good week! Can more naps be scheduled??
Anonymous said…
Glad to know its not just me Jen - our weeks look scarily similar. Keep telling youreslf - "It's just a phase" - I do... but it doesn't help much . :) Beck

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