New teachers and classes

Found out today who the kids will have as their teachers for the year.  I'm not concerned by the whole thing - they get who they get - they're in a class with the kids they're in a class with.  Sometimes great - sometimes not - but they always survive - learn things from the hard things.

Anyway, I was feeling happy for my No 4 child because he's got a lovely teacher but all he was excited about telling me (many times) was, 'But Mum, the classroom has a smart board in it'.  My little computer junkie.

So apologies to the real life educator - she's a bit of a side interest to the technology!


Motherhugger said…
Ah yes. We say to the kids, 'You get what you get and you don't get upset'.

They would have liked to be in classes with their friends, but they can see their friends out of class.

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