Put your hands up in the air like you just don't care

I'm not a hands up in the air kind of girl.  Let's just get that clear.

Yet I keep being told that I should be putting my hands up.  I go to a Christian conference - come on everyone, if you're truly joyful, let's get those hands up in the air.  Let's show how happy we are.  I'm happy thanks - don't tell me how to show that I'm happy - that I'm joyful.  By implication apparently I'm not joyful because I like my arms hanging down.  I'm probably repressed or something, but I'm still happy. I'm also an introvert, a fairly private person who likes to contain her limbs within a certain distance of her torso.  

This morning I even get it at the gym.  It's 6:15 am and I am not properly awake and I'm being told to get my arms up in the air - YEAH, WHOOHOO - let's go - I want to see everyone with their arms in their air.  Apparently we're not just doing a cycle class at a ridiculously early time in the morning - we're actually in a nightclub.  But I don't go to nightclubs - I'm happy just going to the gym to do exercise.  Put the music on please and save me from the hand waving.

Hands up everyone - let's high 5 - YEAH...


Sandra said…
It's not just about being an introvert, it's about being an Anglican. Or even a Presbyterian.
I can't bring myself to do it either, I'm not quite sure why raising your hands shows you are being joyful.
Karen said…
I'll join you guys in the hands down club. I grew up in the Uniting Church and have ended up in a Presbyterian church for lots of reasons, but I do remember feeling very uncomfortable in a couple of Uniting Churches I attended just before I changed over when the hands in the air (and even dancing....) started to happen during songs. (Also an introvert here).
Sandra said…
but I'm not an introvert. I'm happy if it makes other people feel joyful but it isn't a necessary component of joyfulness for me. If it is a large group I get a big enough buzz out of the volume and being with all those other people who are enjoying singing the same song.
Anonymous said…
I did lots of screaming and waving my arms in the air on cue this afternoon at the gym - and I thought about this post every time! :)


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