Favourite birthday present No 2

This is the one that made me laugh the most.  The kids were so excited about my birthday - they told me when I was sick a few weeks ago that I'd had to get better because 'Mummy, it's only 9 days until your birthday!'

Favourite present No 2 comes courtesy of my youngest child who wrapped up her very own pink Zhu Zhu pet (the toy with the loudest, most annoying sound in toyland at present) in some leftover pink princess paper she found in her room.  She did wake me up on my birthday sleep-in to demand sticky tape to wrap up this present.  I don't know how long I've got it for - she hasn't reclaimed it yet.

She also asked me how old I was and I said '21'.  She replied with an awestruck 'Wow' and ran off to proudly (and loudly) announce to the other children her newfound information.  However, when the preschool teachers asked her how old I was (they hear all the goss don't they?) she told them I was '61' - they assured me that I did look good for my age!


Pip said…
That's funny! My 8yo's teacher last year told them on her birthday that she was 106. I'm still trying to convince her that it was a joke : )
Happy Birthday!
Richard said…
My mum was 29 for 3 years in a row :)

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