Favourite birthday present No 3

So here's another favourite.  Friends from church got together and bought me a slow cooker.  It was very unexpected and kind of them.  I have been complaining a lot about being too busy so maybe they decided it was time to take action to help me!  It's also massive so it will cook two meals at once.

But it is a very cool present.  I like cooking dinner in the morning so a slow cooker works for me.  I find myself getting so weary in the afternoons when I'm supposed to be producing a meal that I can't even think straight about dinner.

I gave it a go this morning and put dinner on before school.  This is a bit pathetic really, but cooking this morning made me feel genuinely happy all day knowing I didn't have to worry about dinner this afternoon!   It also meant I could help the kids with all their homework, music practice, reading etc. without trying to juggle dinner too.

So the slow cooker is a worthy recipient of a mention on my blog!


Jenny K said…
I love my slow cooker! There's a great website called A Year of Slow Cooking with heaps of great recipes (they are gluten-free because of her families needs). I've used a number of the recipes and enjoyed them. It is such a nice feeling not to have to think about dinner in the crazy after work/school time.

Karen said…
I love mine too. In fact, I had just jumped onto the internet to see if I could find out how to do roast lamb in it so I can put it on this morning and not have to think about it later (very hot day forecast here....). But I became distracted by blogs....
Richard said…
Sounds like the perfect present for a very busy mother of 5 kids :)

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