More tips for the 'So what high school is your child going to?' chat

Tip #2

When someone says to you, "Oh we're thinking of applying for a scholarship at X private school", don't respond with, "I can't believe you're deserting the public system".

It just doesn't help.

Tip #3

When someone says to you, "Oh we're thinking of sending our child to X public/private (but not full-on Christian) school", don't respond with "But aren't you worried about their faith?".

It also just doesn't help.


Pip said…
I would be worried about any child's faith who's parents thought it was the school's responsibility to foster/nurture it.
JMS said…
Comment I recently received from my SIL when considering applying for a scholarship to a certain private school "Oh, you know thats the school where all the children go who are expelled from the top private schools!" Oh how I had to use my self control to hold my tongue. Needless to say she is not a proponent of private schooling.

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