Off to a conference

I'm very excited - I'm off to a training conference for work tomorrow.  It's so fun to get out and do something different to normal work.  I'm looking forward to getting some new ideas and talking to other children's librarians.  The free lunch is quite exciting too (sad and desperate times I know!).  


Sandra said…
hopefully they will have a decent free lunch - they are sometimes disappointing!
hope it is a helpful day!
Karen said…
Yes, I have found the free lunches (well, most of my courses include them in the very expensive fee to go to them) can be a bit hit or miss too. Most of the conferences I've been to lately seem to have wraps as the lunch option, sometimes with slightly strange flavour combinations in them. But we did get hot curries for lunch at a conference I went to not long ago (at a city hotel). That was yummy.
Jenny said…
Yes - lovely food but obviously organised by someone who eats almost nothing for lunch - hungry by 3pm! Interesting conference though.

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