Tips for the 'So what high school is your child going to?' chat

Tip #1 - (I'm not even sure if there will be Tip #2, but here's today's tip for this conversation):

When I say "Oh last week we went and had a look at X school, I really liked it and my child seemed happy with the idea of going there" please don't reply with, "Really?  I've heard terrible things about that school, Mary Jo from down the road (you know her Jenny don't you?) told me that her neighbour's cousin's child has gone there and got in with the wrong crowd and it has been a TOTAL disaster for their family.  It will need to improve A LOT before I ever send my child there".

Just   doesn't   help.


simone r said…
Okay. I won't. But if I've taught there and it really is the school from hell I'll just say "I'll pray for him/her." You'll understand.
Jenny said…
Thanks - I appreciate it!
JMS said…
I hear you Jenny. Our eldest is in Year 6 and it is amazing how many people are happy to offer an opinion. I have found in our area many people feel that if you voice that you are looking at a school other than the "feeder" school then you think you are too good for them! Crazy!!


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