Even though wearing the same outfit lots of different ways is cool and green, it just reminds me of being pregnant

I was thinking about a story I read last year about a lady who decided to wear a little black dress everyday for 365 days - and blog (of course) about how she did that.  It was a charity fundraiser and was inspiring for those who want to reduce consumerism and make do with what we have (I like this idea which is why I was drawn to the story).

However, what it did also remind me of was when I was pregnant.  Maternity clothes are all fun at the beginning of the pregnancy, but by the last few months I'd end up with one pair of pants that I liked wearing (comfortable, didn't fall down) and a top I looked vaguely sensible in.  You try to jazz them up with necklaces/scarves etc but after a while you just get sick of this one outfit. Of course, in reality, I couldn't wear the same clothes everyday and I'd have to wear something else on the off days and they were never comfortable and I looked/felt horrible. 

After you have the baby the problem continues on with weeks/months of wearing the 'inbetween' clothes.  Same problem - only a few things that actually fit/look respectable but you don't want to go and spend more money on clothes because after all you ARE going to fit back into your old clothes (just like the models you believe in your 'breastfeeding/I read too many 'New Ideas' in hospital' delusion)  After a while you start to realise that this is unlikely to happen and go and spend money anyway, because you get tired of the one t-shirt that looks OK with your giant breastfeeding boobs.
So, I don't find much appeal in wearing the same thing - every day.  I take much joy in choice even if the pool I'm choosing from isn't all that glamourous.  

Check out http://theuniformproject.com/year1/  for more info on this project


Tasmanian said…
Not to mention the baby spew / dud nappy / spaghetti sauce / leaking breasts combination that means you are washing that one t-shirt every day. And I am 39 weeks pregnant (number 3) so it is all going to come flooding back to me - literally.
Jenny said…
LOL! Yes - that's right - when you have a vomiting/leaky poo incident it can be a real toss-up between getting changed (and having not much else to get changed into) or just living with the spew smell because you can't face the thought of having to make a decision regarding what to wear again in the same 24 hour period (let alone the thought of yet another item of clothing to wash!).
Motherhugger said…
It helped that people were sourcing garments for Sheena, and making and sending her accessories. That's what we need!
Richard said…
Happy Birthday Jenny :) hope it is a wonderful day filled with well behaved Children and many blessings from our gracious God :)

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