We got our act together!

Parenting pride.

Middle child actually got a decent birthday present.  We have succeeded.

She's been wanting her own desk for about two years.  It's been on every birthday/Christmas list.

And we managed to pull it off even though her birthday was two days after the long weekend and we tend to think of these things the day before a child's birthday.  Ok - when I say 'we' it was actually Rowan because I've been at work.

He dragged them all out to Ikea which was very brave of him.  One time we lost a child who climbed into a bedside locker.  That same visit I discovered that another child had given her hair a bit of a 'cut'.  I remember - because we were in one of the lounge rooms - some kind of torture set-up for parents of small children to remind them of the pre-children days of civilised lamps, coffee tables with magazines on them and CD racks with actual intact CD's in them (all the way down to the floor).

However, I digress.  Rowan, with his trusty 6 year old Ikea building assistant (some kids who have grown up with computers are called 'digital natives' - this kid is an 'Ikea native' - poor child doesn't even know that it's possible to buy furniture that's not in a flat pack) - built the desk last night and voila - we look like half decent parents for a change.

Yay - a happy day for the beautiful daughter.


Melissa said…
Oh, it's good when you get it right, isn't it! Your girl looks very pleased!
Happy birthday Jas. Not sure what I can bring you from Sabah but it won't be in a flat pack!
Cath said…
Hooray for middle child! My desk was my favourite place growing up - still is.

I'm impressed with your husband, braving those glossy Ikea showrooms and warehouse with all the kids in tow. Sounds like my husband's worst nightmare. He will only go there in urgent circumstances, or when there is a hope of a $3 cooked breakfast. He usually comes home looking unhinged, glassy eyed and twitching.
Peter Sholl said…
We gave number 1 a desk (and a wheely chair) these holidays, and she's absolutely stoked. I can understand J's delight :)
Jan said…
Came over from Ruth's blog. Children and IKEA? My three boys are now grown and two have children themselves but my memory is still fresh. They set all the egg timers, cooking timers etc in the store to go off.
Pip said…
Great idea..and Happy Birthday to her! Would solve the problem of sharing my desk with three children : )
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