Feathers for Phoebe: big day in library land tomorrow

Big day tomorrow for children's librarian's across Australia.

We're celebrating National Simultaneous Storytime with the book 'Feathers for Phoebe' by Rod Clement.  It tells the story of a small grey bird Phoebe who wants to be noticed so goes to her glamourous friend Zelda for help.  Zelda offers many new crests, wings and tails to make Phoebe beautiful but Phoebe ends up so dressed up that she can't actually fly.

It's a story of learning contentment with who you are and what you look like - it's a lovely little story.

The children's team that I'm involved with at work are going to act out the story with puppets and props - should be a riot.  We're looking forward to a fun morning.


Liz N said…
Rachel's preschool is participating in this tomorrow. They are having a "Feathers and Finery morning tea" tomorrow and then reading 'Feathers for Phoebe'. She is really looking forward to dressing up for it :)
Rachael said…
Sounds remarkably like a Dr Seuss story, "Gertrude McFuzz" as Gertrude learns to be content with her one little feather.
Pip said…
I know a six yo who was very excited to see her name up on a poster : )

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