7 year old menu

It was my little boy's 7th birthday yesterday.  This is what he chose for his birthday menu.

"Camembert and crackers for entree"

"Cheese pizza from Crust (but other's can choose different types if they want mum)"

"And for dessert a cake with Kit Kats (I don't like cake mum but I'll eat the Kit Kats)"

The birthday tradition in our house is that we go around the table and everyone says something that they appreciate about the birthday boy/girl.  We've really enjoyed watching the kids get more sophisticated and thoughtful in what they say as they've got older.  My favourite was my oldest boy busting to say his 'thing'.  He said that he liked his brother because they could enjoy playing games together;  computer, wrestling, well, any games really.  


Jo said…
Yummy menu, very good dairy component lol!!
Motherhugger said…
He looks very happy. And that's a great photo of you both.
Sandra said…
Cheese. Yum.

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