Toilet traumas

In another stunning moment of glamour as a mother, I found myself this evening cleaning up what looked (and smelt) like little smudges of poo off the kid's bathroom floor.   It reminded me of a facebook question I asked last year that got an astounding amount of answers.  I had no idea people had thought about this issue so much. 

"Ok - so here's a big life question.  How on earth do I get rid of the urinal smell that is a fixture of the boy's bathroom in my house?  And, yes, I do clean"

I got some great responses - here are my favourites:

- Bicarb soda in a little container behind the toilet (absorbs the smell)
- empty a bucket or two of hot detergenty water over the toilet every single day (mother of three boys)
-put a towel across the bathroom door and throw buckets of water over the toilet so that it gets into all the nooks and crannies of the toilet.
-take the toilet lid and seat completely off and scrub with domestos and scrub the hinges with domestos (mother of five teenagers)
-move your bin away from the toilet (I actually did this and it helped a lot)
- Napalm
- they are just marking out their territory - it's a male thing (helpful comment from a man)

I'm still not sure where the poo on my bathroom floor came from - but at least the floor is now beautifully clean.  Well, until a small boy gets up in the night and doesn't quite make it ...


Merrin said…
I can't remember if I put this suggestion on your facebook page - but I (try to) insist that the boys sit down to do number ones. This may cause all men everywhere to revolt, but it has certainly meant a cleaner bathroom!!
Jo said…
As a mum of boys, I buy this stuff sometimes.

It's expensive, but does get rid of that boy smell in the bathroom :)
Laura said…
Hi Jenny, I laughed out loud just now..With 4 males now using our 1 bathroom the smell is very distinct to say the least. The toilet is the only place in my house I buy the harshest chemicals on the market, the rest I use Enjo. It also is the place that gets cleaned the most in the house too. If I left it up to the blokes no one would want to use it so I block out the smell and do it myself.. If only the boys took care of their mess or even noticed!
mattnbec said…
So the urinal smell isn't just our house?! Just knowing this makes me feel better! So far, I've been spraying Glen-20, which seems to help. Will try some of those comments too. Especially like the bicarb soda one - easy to implement!

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