Winter ailments

Off to play the piano at the Opera House -
bit more challenging than normal on crutches
Boy are we having a shocking term health-wise.  This week we've had four days of the two older girls lying on the lounge (they are of course just now recovering in time for the weekend ... ).

We've had a fractured ankle, sprained finger, multiple bouts of flu and colds.  I haven't been 100% the whole time but I'm now so used to functioning with a sore throat that I only realised yesterday that it had finally gone.

The upside (and I'm clutching at straws here!) is that we haven't had to rush everyone around to many extracurricular activities because we've had to pull out of a good percentage of them.

It is tempting when the run of sickness happens to look for some miracle cure.  But they eat good food, sleep enough - healthy, balanced life.  It's just life.  Especially with lots of kids who contribute generously to amount of germs that enter our house.

Only two weeks until the end of term - these school holidays cannot come fast enough.


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