Book Review: Elizabeth Berg

I had a bit of theme going on holidays when it came to reading.  I wasn't up for any full-on literature so I read a couple of books by the American author Elizabeth Berg.  I've read quite a few books by her after a friend recommended her to me.  I really enjoy the work of Anne Tyler and Berg writes in a similar vein to her (although Tyler is still funnier and cleverer).

Elizabeth Berg's books tell the stories of women, their lives, relationships, friendships, children, careers.  A whole range of issues and stages of life. Nothing complex (including many of the characters).  Good for easy, holiday reading.

In saying that though, the first book I read was called 'Talk before sleep' and tells the story of a woman whose best friend is dying of breast cancer.  While terribly tragic, it also told the story of a married woman hankering after the freedom of her single friend, but in her friend's sickness and impending death, she is revitalised in her understanding of the value of her marriage and family.

The second book I read was called 'The Art of Mending' which tells the story of a woman in her 50's coming to terms with her sister admitting to a very different, sad experience of childhood to the happy one that she herself had experienced - all in the same family.

Others I've read by her include, 'Open House' (was on Oprah's book club for a while - good or bad, I don't know) and 'We are all welcome here'.


wide eyed said…
She has written one of the best books I have read in recent years about a woman with polio and her relationship with her daughter and her maid. SHe would bite her daughter's thumb to discipline her. But I can't remember the name of it!!
Kath said…
Thanks Jenny, it's always good to get holiday reading ideas. I'm going to follow up Tyler and Berg for our Oct holidays. :)

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