Great day for me in the one sport I actually follow

We're die-hard road cycling fans in our house.  So today is a very super exciting day.  To have the Australian, Cadel Evans, actually win the Tour de France, is incredible.  Three weeks of cycling, 200 kilometres a day, up and down massive mountains in the Pyrenees and the Alps - it's a huge achievement.  So many things can potentially go wrong.  Get in a crash.  Break a bone.  Have a mechanical problem.  Have a tummy bug.  Be in a dysfunctional team.  All of these things have happened to Cadel before.  He's come so close to winning before - in 2007 and 2008 he came second.

Everything went right for him this year.  Great team.  No injuries.  No crashes.  Consistent performance in each stage.  Kind of felt that if he didn't do it this year, it probably wasn't going to happen.  But, wow, it got close, very close, at the end there.

I like the Tour de France because it has a nice level of complexity that keeps it interesting.  It also only takes three weeks a year - I don't have to commit any great lengths of time to following it!

And I loved this ad by Skoda, a sponsor of the tour.  Made me smile every time.



Heather said…
I loved the Skoda ad too. My least favourite ad, though, was definitely the NRMA one. (I got to the point where I ran away when it came on, which may have been slightly neurotic.)
I couldn't decide what annoyed me more: the use of the young blonde thing to sell insurance; or the fact that someone was faking sympathy about cost cutting while standing in front of a lavish mansion of a house.
Rodney Olsen said…
I'm only just catching up on my blog reading after being away with the family for a few days so I'm a little late with a comment.

I love the tour each year and really enjoyed the Skoda ad.

I had the honour of interviewing Cadel just days after he switched to BMC. I've interviewed hundreds of people over many years but my chat with Cadel will always be a highlight.

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