Pushy parents

OK - time for a quick whinge.  After a day at work of dealing with a large number of pushy and demanding parents - I'd just like to know - what is that about?

I have five children.  I understand that it is unlikely that they will not always be able to attend every activity/event/outing together because (a) they are different ages, (b) not every activity is suitable for every child.  Some of my children will probably miss out on something that their sibling can participate in.  So if I choose to take one of my children to an activity that is suitable for one child only, I don't expect the people in charge to also then entertain my smaller children.

I also understand that if someone says to me, "I'm so sorry, but we're full and since you didn't book you won't be able to attend this event", it actually does mean that I can't go to the event.  That my child will miss out.  That I will need to find an alternative activity to pestering a poor librarian to relinquish her position until I get to do what I want to do.  That asking over and over and over again, is unlikely to make the librarian warm to me so that she will change her mind.

Some adults are still children.  Some adults are like toddlers and like to throw little adult tantrums.  Unfortunately some of these adults are also parents.

Time to grow up folks.


simone r said…
I can't believe you let a child miss out on something! Aren't librarian's meant to be kind?

[Try being a teacher. You wonder wheat's with the sulky tantrums and then you meet the parent.]
Karen said…
Couldn't agree more.
Must be the week for difficult parents...I think I was whingeing about them on my blog this week as well.
Sandra said…
And the 'parents' of pets can be just as bad. Especially when it comes to parting with their money.

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