Highs, Lows

I'm in a season of 'bluriness'.  Hopefully very short lived, because I despise being busy.  Just the thought saps all my energy out of me.  It's a blur because you keep going (as you do) but don't quite recall how you got from Monday to Friday.  But I'm going to attempt some form of a record of events - if for no one other than myself - bear with me.

Highlights of the week:  final, final visit to orthodontist (would show you the teeth, but this 'season' has resulted in an endless round of cold sores that I scare myself with every time I look in the mirror).  Sitting through my daughter's 7.45am French Horn lesson - such a beautiful instrument to listen to.  My Mum staying and doing my washing and cleaning the children's bedrooms (the floors have been rediscovered) and going to the shops to buy the 4 crucial ingredients for last night's dinner.  Going to an interesting meeting for work that made me feel that I'd actually learnt something by doing my uni degree.  Helping out with a Year 1 computer lesson (I've never moved so fast in my life!).  Reading a book with the kids at work that they loved as much as me ('My Uncle's Donkey' by Tohby Riddle).  Filling in the census.  Watching old episodes  of 'Miranda' on my new iPad - and laughing a lot.  Generous, caring friends who have helped with the kids.  Enjoying playing with new apps on my iPad.  My kids making me laugh ("It's not that hard to pretend we're listening to you Grandma, I do it all the time").

Lowlights of the week:  Nasty cold sore (AGAIN).  My husband upon sighting a large streak of white hair on top of my head says  'Arrgh - what's that on your head?' - thinking it was bird droppings or something.  No, just me in all my natural glory.  Crying in front of my boss (totally mortifying).  Not having a good book to read.  London:  made me feel sad for my English friends.  Bad uni assignment about which I have not a clue.  Very busy at work (do I really only work 2 days?  Feels like a lot more).  Sick kids.

OK - that feels better.  The week has balanced out in favour of the highlights - good for a pessimist to work that out!


Deb L said…
You do know, that the minute you post up a children's book I open a second browser window, go to my library site, and immediately put that book on reserve? Immediately. And usually it's still in acquistion! So hot off the press.
wide eyed said…
love Miranda. Love it.

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