Jane Eyre

I went to see 'Jane Eyre' last week.  I loved it.  Jane was appropriately feisty.

Rochester wasn't as nasty as I remember him in the book - he was a bit predatory and demanding of Jane though.  St John was Billy Elliot all grown up - after I worked that out (took the first 10 minutes of the movies) I could relax.

I plan to reread it to compare.


Motherhugger said…
I was sadly disappointed. I could see all the scenes that were omitted. I felt it was a bit pedestrian, and I didn't really engage. I could see the script and hear the meetings. And I was curious to know how they burnt the building. As a film-maker, how do you do that? And I wanted the gypsy scene and the flirting between Jane and Rochester when they are engaged. There is much more in the book, and so many interesting readings that were opportunities missed.

You might be interested in this article.


Lets see what becomes of Wuthering Heights.
Motherhugger said…
And why aren't there film version of Villette?
Jenny said…
Oh dear - I knew I shouldn't have raved about it to an English major! Maybe I won't be so enamoured with it when I reread the book.

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