Telling the passover story without saying 'death' ...

We're doing a series of little stories each week at playgroup on Moses.  Yesterday it was the passover story.  I was trying to not say 'die', 'kill' or 'death' to allow for the ages of my listeners (and their parents too).  It wasn't easy.

There's the 'killing' of the sheep to put blood around the door frames to protect the Hebrews from the angel of 'death' who was going to 'kill' all the first-born children and life stock.  Hmm - fun story (not).

So I went with 'some sad and bad things were going to happen to the Egyptians because Pharaoh wouldn't let God's people go but God's people had a special dinner of lamb (not mentioning the dead sheep) and flat bread to help them remember that God was in control and they could trust his promises'.

Bit nervous that I didn't quite convey (like, probably not at all) the concept of sacrifice (since it has A LOT to do with 'death'), but hey, it's a tough gig.

Next week Pharoah's troops drown in the Red Sea - suggestions??!


Anonymous said…
Because the water closed over, Pharoah's army were not able to get through...?

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