Book week update

I survived my first Children's Book Week as a children's librarian.  It was full-on in the lead up.  Mostly because I work part-time and it felt like I was preparing forever.  Partly also because, as usual, I don't really know what I'm doing, so I'm making everything up as I go.  But I managed to pull off a 45 minute program for groups of 60 school kids (we had 10 groups through).

The program included a dramatic reenactment of the book 'My Uncle's Donkey'.  I was the donkey (see the photo) - it was exhausting because the donkey is quite busy.  Some of the teachers asked if I was a professional actress - ha, ha, ha (fyi - I looked miserable walking down the aisle at our wedding because I was so overwhelmed having everyone looking at me - and here I am.  Weird how things turn out).  Apparently I moved some of our staff to tears (tears of laughter).

I thoroughly enjoyed having the kids in the library.  Much more fun than the many meetings that I attend and the hours in front of the computer.  Our library is quite a large space and the kids were allowed to go through the library on a treasure hunt.  They loved it.

Now that I've been in the job for almost a year, I've had a run through of all the major aspects of my job that I'm responsible for.  Surviving the first year in a job is a good feeling.  But there's still so much for me to learn - always!


Meredith said…
How gorgeous are you!
Heather said…
Well done!
Pip said…
Great! Where did you get your stripey socks from? I had to make some for the book parade. One kid wanted to be Wanda (female version of Where's wally)
Jenny said…
Sadly they aren't my socks. A colleague at work bought them at one of those little socks stalls in a shopping centre. They would be very useful.

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