Does anyone listen to me? Umm ... well apparently not.

Last night we had the pre School Fete pep talk.  'No soft toys are to be bought at the white elephant stall' I proclaim.  'They are dusty and plus, we already have lots'.

'But Mum' they reply.  'You should have seen how cute they all were, piled up in the hall today'.

'No, I really mean it.  Please don't'.

So we get to 11am this morning and the 11yo comes up to Rowan with a giant cow.  'Please Dad, can you carry this for me?  It is very heavy'.  Of course, Dad is not too pleased about this and tells her that she needs to lug around her cow, since she was the one that purchased the cow.

This is soon followed up by the appearance of a giant, mangy looking dog that the 9yo has bought.

People are now laughing at us.  Fair enough.  It is ridiculous.  We now have two toys that are almost the size of small children.  We don't need any more items the size of small children.  We already have enough items this size - they are the actual small children.  And a house that only fits the ones we already have.

Oh well - the next fete is only two years away.  Be prepared folks to sight the cow and dog again.


Naomi said…
Summer Hill PS has their fete in a couple of months, and there are always loads of soft toys, you should wander over our way for it!
Sandra said…
Perhaps Jenny could donate them to the SHPS fete?
Karen said…
I feel your pain. We too have a giant dog.
Sandra said…
Karen, let me assure you that you are not feeling as much pain with your stuffed giant dog as if you would be if you owned a Newfoundland.
Karen said…
Agreed, Sandra! Our giant is an old English sheepdog but very glad it's not the real life version :)

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