The Reveal

So it's time for the 'reveal' (you know, those things they have at the end of makeover shows).  After 15 months of orthodontic work I have lovely new teeth that are all mine.  I'm happy with the outcome but happier that I don't have wobbly, fragile teeth anymore.


I had two baby teeth (my eye teeth) that had never fallen out and there was nothing else behind them.  They were sore, wobbly and due to fall out any day.  Two years ago I bit on a hard chip, I was in excruciating pain, my tooth started bleeding and it motivated me to get them looked at properly.


Scary times!


Today:  hmm... such glamour next to the washing line!


Sandra said…
good to have a positive end result.
Karen said…
Yay! It's nice to see you smiling properly again!

They look great Jenny. It must be wonderful to have pain-free teeth at last. Time for a new family photo for our fridge? Any chance?
GandM said…
Marietta and I always love reading your comments, Jenny(not at the breakfast table!) Your brain and your eyes have always been smiling even if your mouth wasn't!! God bless!! ...... Garth
Anonymous said…
you look so purdy! xs Beck
Karen said…
Looking good :)
ELF said…
Your teeth look fantastic, Jenny!

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