Dangers of celebrating

Yesterday I handed in my last assignment for my Masters degree.  I feel so relieved and truly amazed to have got this far (although happier once I know I've passed).

To celebrate, Rowan and I went out for supper last night (courtesy of my Mum who is staying with us for a few days).  We celebrated in our usual outrageous style.  A trip to a bookshop followed by a coffee shop.  'Yes, let's get our own decadent chocolate fondant each', we cry, 'It's a celebration after all!'  And yes, with a pot of earl grey tea on the side (of course, what else?).

After 9 pm.  Bad, bad move.

I was awake until 1.30 am.  And had to get up at 6.30 am to get ready for work.  It was a looonnngg night. Followed by an even longer day.

Why couldn't I sleep?

1.  I'm really not used to eating rich food
2.  I can't cope with that much chocolate and caffeine so 'late' in the day
3.  We are just getting old.

Now, as I'm sipping my herbal tea at 8.30 pm, I've learnt my lesson and will collapse into bed soon.

Party on dudes :)


Pleased to see that you are making good (!) use of Mum's visit
Jo said…
Congratulations on finishing your Masters!! That is a huge effort with 5 kids, a job, hubby etc......
I have 7 subjects to go:)
ELF said…
Congratulations on finishing your Masters, Jenny! Woo hoo :)

To not have the constant weight of thinking about assessments you know you have to do is something I am GREATLY looking forward to. (13 mths to go - and counting)
alison said…
Yiew! Jenny the qualified librarian!
Congratulations :)
Karen said…
Congratulations on finishing your final assignment! Know what you mean about the late nights, I went to the TWIST music conference in Brisbane last night (just over an hour's drive from home) but didn't get home until after midnight. I am suffering right now, I don't think my body can cope with that anymore.

But I think it is very important to celebrate your achievement. And in my experience, probably better to do that without kids around. When I finished writing my masters thesis, we went out with the two kids we had then for breakfast at a local surf club, and were treated to a magnificent tantrum from our two year old. It killed off the celebratory moment somewhat :)
Pip said…
Congrats Jenny - well done!
parentwin said…
Jenny, I'm not sure if you follow me or not, but I love your blog, and I'm so excited to see you've finished your master's program.

I do a guest blogging segment, and I was wondering if you might be interested in doing a guest post for me on studying for an advanced degree while being a mom?

It's something a lot of my readers are interested in, and I would link back to you all over the place, as well.

Let me know if you are interested.

Tales of an Unlikely Mother
Sarah said…
Woohoo! Congrats on finishing your Masters :)

I had a Coke and a coffee pretty much straight after each other when out to dinner with a friend. No sleep for me that night :(
Richard said…
Well done Jenny, super effort from a super mum :)

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