Time for a bridal register

Recently my kitchen has been looking a bit sad.  We have an ordinary dinner plate in our microwave because the original glass plate broke in 2001.  For a while there, the only functional cooking implements I had were the electric frypan, my Chausser cast-iron pot and a medium size saucepan.  The handles had fallen off our fry pan and a few other saucepans months earlier.  This was all fine, until I wanted to do a big cook-up ... which frankly is every meal at my place.

Three years ago my brother-in-law got married and they had such beautiful things in their kitchen because of their bridal registry.  It got me thinking.  I need a bridal registry.  So it must be time for  'renewal of the vows' event.  We didn't have a bridal registry the first time around.  If you get an invitation to our vow renewal ceremony, don't feel anxious for our marriage.  Understand that I'm just using you for your buying power.


Kath said…
Jenny, just went to an op shop near where we are on hols and they had a huge stack of microwave glass plates. What size do you need? I will get you one if you let me know in the next day or so.

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