Under $10 gift challenge: Presents for 2 and 3 year olds

Earlier this year my Grandma died.  She was a very precious and lovely Grandma.  One of her amazing skills was her ability to give age appropriate, small gifts to her many great grandchildren (19 when she died).  I assume that it was after so many years of practice that she had a good sense of what kids - boys and girls - of all ages would like.  So she's my inspiration for this series - and when I'm old and have a billion grandchildren - I would like to have this list to help me!  I'm going to go up until the age of 11 which is as far I've got with my own kids.  After 11, it all gets very specific AND expensive!  Especially for boys.

Two year olds
Bags - of all shapes and colours
Colouring in books and crayons
Pretend phone
Toy cars

Three year olds

Girls - more bags, anything pink, hairbrush set, baby dolls,
jewellery, fake milk/juice feeding bottles, thick chalk

Boys - balls, playdough, balls, thick chalk, anything Thomas

I would love any more suggestions.  When the series is over I'll pull it all together and we can have one list.


alison said…
I had kind of disregarded this post until I realised I have to buy Christmas presents for my cousins kids...


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