Book review for kids: York's Universe

My friend Heidi Goh has written and illustrated this beautiful kid's book, launched in September here in Sydney.  Heidi and Ben have two little boys (7 and almost 5) and it is reflected in her story.

'York's Universe' is the story of York who lives in an apartment block in the city.  A new teacher comes to York's school who is from the country and tells them all about the country.  After this conversation, in his imagination, York moves out of the city (Sydney) into the country and then out into space, out of the solar system and into his universe.

It reminds me of all those complicated conversations I've had with my 7 year old boy about space and maps and suburbs and cities.

It is a lovely book - lovely to read and lovely to look at.  I've read it with a few groups of kids in the library and they've enjoyed it.  Especially the 5 to 7 year olds.  They love talking about space and they love imagining different worlds.

You can buy it from  or other independent booksellers in Australia.


Kath said…
That sounds great, Jenny. I'll have to go out and find it, for the boys at our place.
Thanks :)

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