to buy new shoes or not

We're going to a wedding on Saturday.  I'm reusing a dress (which I hope fits still - should probably check!) but the dilemma is whether or not I need to buy new shoes.  I don't need new shoes (of course).  But are the ones I've got so out of fashion now that I can't get away with it anymore.  They are my one pair of high heels.  Dilemmas, dilemmas!


Deb L said…
I vote "yes" to the new shoes. It's okay to get new shoes once in a while. Even though your feet don't grow anymore.
Karen said…
The only time I buy "nice" new shoes (as opposed to Target or Rivers cheapies) are when there is a wedding or other special function on...this doesn't happen very often for us anymore, sadly.
I think you should buy them.
JMS said…
I should clarify that I am not a shoe fanatic as the media seems to stereotype so many women (feels good to have that off my chest lol). However, I have to admit even the most beautiful outfit can look terrible if the shoes accompanying are scuffed or a bit old and worn. I say yes to the new shoes!
Motherhugger said…
I vote yes to new shoes. The shoes set the tone.

I was very into shoes in my earlier days. Alas, after children, I'm not any more. My children said that I don't own any high heeled shoes. When I replied that I do own them, but I don't wear them, they asked if they could have them when I die. Nice.
Deb L said…
Great, Motherhugger. Lovely when they start dividing up your stuff before you've even gone! Perhaps you should be checking under your furniture every now and then to see if anyone's put a label with their name on it. That's always a give away - LOL.
Sandra said…
I want a like button al la facebook for Motherhugger. Glad your children are sorting the will out. But they will get to the stage where they have the same size feet as you and then they just borrow your heels. Or your boots.

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