TV show: Friday Night Lights

It's a show about a high school football team in a small Texan town.  Excited?  No?

Ok, so I have had a few challenges convincing others that this is a great show.  I've been watching the first season on TV for the past few months, but I think the box set will be making it's way onto my Christmas list.

It's actually a show about the players on this football team, the cheerleaders, school and their messy lives in a dysfunctional town.  Surrounded by dysfunctional relationships, the team's football coach, is the stable, sensible, 'good guy'.  It's also about Coach's marriage, his relationship with his teenage daughter and the fact, that while he plays the good guy, it's not all smooth sailing for him and his wife either.

Mindless, easy to watch, no great complexities!  Perfect for me to fall asleep through on a Friday night.  Plus there are five seasons of the show made so it will keep me going for a while.


Rodney Olsen said…
"Perfect for me to fall asleep through on a Friday night."

Do you ever get to see the end of any of the episodes? :)
Jenny said…
Ha, ha! Yes. I normally have to do a quick recap before I watch the next episode!
Karen said…
Thanks for the recommendation :)
I'll be finished with Love My Way by the weekend at the rate I'm going so I'll be looking for something new.
Another friend recommended The West Wing to me (I've never seen any of it) but our local DVD shop only has series 6 and 7, and I think it might be a little too complex for middle of the night viewing...
Jenny said…
O I LOVE the West Wing Karen. You should get into it. It might be a bit of a struggle in the middle of the night though! This show is definitely mindless enough for late night feeding!
Sandra said…
West Wing will wake you up. Is really worth watching from series one though.

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