Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Under $10 gift ideas: 4, 5, 6 and 7 year olds

Whoops almost forgot to add some more present suggestions! Might help you as you try to buy age appropriate gifts in the lead up to Christmas.

4 year old girls:  baby dolls - little bottles to feed a baby milk and juice, textas and a notebook, jewellery, dress up shoes,
4 year old boys: Thomas, drawing stuff, bouncy ball, magnifying glass, tape measure, small watering can

5 year old girls: stickers, drawing stuff, hair bands and hair clips, ink stamps
5 year old boys:  duplo, plastic dinosaurs, tornado tube (see picture)

6 year old girls: stationery, paints and drawing book, pastel crayons, sticker book,
6 year old boys:  Lego, silly putty, tornado throwing thing (see picture) frisbee, pencil case, sticker book, post it notes, blu tack

7 year old girls: craft packs, stationary, hair bands
7 year old boys: Lego, games - eg. UNO, Blokus, make your own craft packs, dominoes, marbles

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alison said...

What makes tornadoes so popular with young people!?