Christmas post mortem

A sea of pink

I hope you had a nice Christmas with your family.  I had a lovely and relaxing extended family lunch yesterday at my place.  I'm aware though that it isn't always that stress free for many families and Christmas can be a time of anxiety for lots of people as they juggle parents, complicated relationships and painful histories.  Sadness as well as we miss family members who can't be with us (my grandmother died earlier this year so this was our first Christmas without her insisting on a family photo).

Some highlights of the day for me.  Seeing my kids enjoying the presents that I'd chosen for them.  There was genuine joy and surprise with the choices I had made.  Very satisfying - Christmas is a mammoth job for me.  I know that material possessions don't bring lasting happiness but in that brief moment it was fun to enjoy the blessings that God has given us.  My little girl played her new plastic tea set for hours and hours. Serving everyone in the family with endless cups of tea and coffee.  She's still going this morning.  My little boy disappearing off to his room with his pile of lego - happiness in a box for that boy.  The oldest finally getting his much anticipated iPod.  My 9yo wearing her bright blue converse hi tops. The 11yo with her new maxi dress (as requested).

And I have to say that Christmas is only, well, about 100 times more relaxing now that the kids are older.  No one had a tantrum during church.  They didn't pester to leave church 5 seconds after the service ended.  They didn't all start crying at 1pm before lunch has even started (they started at 6 pm instead!).  They actually played with their presents instead of breaking them after 30 seconds.  They didn't ask to watch TV until 4pm (instead of 8am).  I think some might have even consumed parts of the food pyramid that resemble actual food.

Now ... to watch the cricket.  This will be the real test (no pun intended) of family relations.

My favourite card:  my 7yo wrote this card attached to a present ( a professional wooden rolling pin) better known as 'this thing' and they went 'all the way' (15 minute drive) to Camperdown with Dad to buy it! 


Motherhugger said…
Ditto the sentiment that it is easier as the kids get older. I went back to bed for a 2 hr nap while the kids played with their gifts (neighbours had let off fireworks sounding like cannons at 1am). And, yes, they liked everything I got for them; so, satisfying.
But at the end of the day the 11 yr old said that there is so much pressure on the day, and so much preparation, when really it is just another day.
Now the 9 yo had a gland bigger than I've ever seen, and I've taken her to the dr this morning. Tonsillitis. Can still sing songs from horrible histories though.
Meredith said…
Sounds like a terrific day. Hooray. We had a fun time here too. And enjoying the relaxing, quiet day today too.
Kath said…
Merry Christmas Jenny. And congratulations on your new job, too. Just caught up :)

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