I finished ...

Last week I handed my last assignment in to finish my Master's degree.  Finally.  Only took four years!  But I'm now a proper librarian.  And, more importantly, I can happily read fiction guilt free.  My youngest starts school in a few weeks, I've finished studying and I turn 40 in a few months.

What's next?  Well, my life is looking like it will move in a direction that I never anticipated myself but more on that later. *

*NOT another baby!


Motherhugger said…
Creating a librarian superhero???

Karen said…
Well done, Jenny. How exciting!

I too am guessing a takeover of the world of children's librarianship from the picture??

Had a little chuckle to myself that it's not another baby, though!
Anonymous said…
Sarah said…
Congrats Jenny! I only did my Grad Dip in Library Studies - I didn't think I could hack doing Masters. Well done!

Hahaha how true that women always need to make it clear that it's NOT baby-related when they have news to announce.
Karen W said…
love the photo! And congrats!

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