iPad app fun Part 2

Puppet Pals has been our latest find.  For free you can access a fairytale story where you choose from one of three backdrops and choose from eight characters to add to the story.  From here, all you do is start recording, move the characters around by dragging them on/off/around the backdrop, increasing/decreasing their size and use character voices to tell a story.  You then stop recording, the recording is saved and you can play it back.

We have had a ball with this.  We have discovered that we are a family who likes to use silly voices.  We have laughed and laughed at each other's efforts.

I think we'll spend the $2.99 to get the director's access - provides a lot of different backdrops and characters.  Apparently you can also add in your own photos and crop them to make them characters.

Again - brilliant for developing story-telling skills, imaginations and most importantly, great laughs!


Taara said…
Thanks for posting - at this point my kids are too young to interact with an app like this, but keep the recommendations coming - there are too many apps to keep track of! It's good to know some of the good ones.
Motherhugger said…
Looks like I'll have to get tech-savvy before teaching drama!!
Anonymous said…
Thanks, we will check this one out. We have ALL been having heaps of fun with the Comic Book one, so funny!!!
Karen W said…
thanks, we have had fun with this today!
Kylie said…
Hi Jenny, Jakey (who is 2) has some favourite story book apps that I think you would love. They are "Nighty Night", and also "Teddy's Day" & "Teddy's Night".
The illustrations are lovely and the story is so interactive - very fun!
Jenny said…
Thanks Kylie - it's great to have some suggestions for the younger ones.

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